• June 23, 2020

Xanthe is a voice actor most notable for her roles as Haru Okumura from Persona 5, Menma from Anohana, and Ui from K-On!
Her career start was very unconventional. She auditioned through AX Idol Hosted by Bang Zoom! at Anime Expo 07 and has since been voice acting in anime, movies, and video games!

Xanthe shares her experiences, fun moments, and struggles in the voice acting world!

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47 thoughts on “Xanthe Huynh (Voice of Haru Okumura of Persona 5) Interview | Behind the Voice

  1. I found out that she also voiced over Willo in Paladins: Champions of the Realm. Then, I learnt that she has soft voice. I can easily imagine her voicing-over Bubbles in PPG series.

  2. I have to ask… if you're playing a game you voice acted in and if the game involves romance, is it considered vain to romance your character?

  3. Every time Haru says something, I´m like: "Awww~ <3 <3! She is too pure for this world".
    Even if she says: I´m going to murder you! I would be like: Awww~ she is so sweet and innocent!

  4. You know what kirby and haru have in common? They're both pink, both are cute, and both are extremely dangerous and fully capable of killing you

  5. YO I JUST NOTICED , isn't it weird that haru's Japanese voice actor is Asuna from Sao and Xanthe voiced Sachi from also SAO , talk about coincidence 😂

  6. And then Three Houses arrived and Haru didn’t receive any screentime post time skip if you didn’t recruit her. So uh…

    Funny how that works.

  7. Here after two years and my god she’s so adorable… reminds me and looks like Dokkeabi from R6 Siege… if you know you know

  8. Why is this video subtly trying to bring back my ptsd by playing the music from Wonderland in Kingdoms Hearts?

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