Friday, November 13, 2020

Volvo V70 estate review – CarBuyer

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Volvo V70 estate 2014 review:
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The V70 is the epitome of what Volvo is famous for – it’s a big, comfortable and safe estate car. It’s not the biggest in its class, but few will be disappointed with its luggage carrying capacity. Choose one of the three available diesel engines, and it also offers low running costs – especially the DRIVe version. The V70’s trump card, though, is its long-distance comfort. Supportive seats and a quiet cabin mean few cars can match its motorway cruising ability. Two powerful petrol engines and four-wheel drive are available too, although they raise running costs dramatically without really adding anything to the driving experience.

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  1. Muss ihr absolut Recht geben. Der Wendekreis ist enorm und das Lenkgefühl sehr diffus.
    Ich fahre selber den V 70 R-design als D5….

  2. That turning circle is an absolute no-no. I tried one of these cars and couldn't even turn a t-junction at our local village. Nice car, I'd have bought one if that turning circle was ever fixed.

  3. My v70 is lovely, yes it's big and yes tight spaces can be difficult however it's a nippy car, it pulls trailer really well and it's so comfy and spaceous its ridiculous. I have horses and I can fit 3 saddles in (two on the back seats and one in the boot) plus all my riding gear, everything I need for going to shows and enough room for a bale of hay too! It turns really well and it's very smart. She says it's a keyless entry, but it's not. The car she is in has a slot for the key and a start/stop button so it's not keyless exactly. It requires the key in the slot to start. It has nice features such as fold in wing mirrors when you lock the car, dimming interior and indicators that you can tap and they click 3 times without having to keep your hand on it or push it fully down.

  4. 1:13 "don't even need to hold it open while you put your bits and pieces in there". She plays that very nefariously.

  5. 1:08 she forgot to show the secret compartment under the secret compartment, it stores a spare tyre and a jack 🙂

  6. This is a really bad clip for this very good and liable car.If same one have to get a choice between Audi , Mercedes  or BMW , this will be the car witch running longer without problems, and this is the car friendly with your wallet .Please check German sites- and see the milage of this car for sale and do the comparison after that.This is not a car for a lady- size- but do not forget the metropolitan police had this vehicle too.


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