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Unit 7 English 9 – Bài Tập Tiếng Anh Mai Lan Hương 9 phần VII VIII – Saving Energy

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Unit 7 English 9 – Bài Tập Tiếng Anh Mai Lan Hương 9 phần VII VIII – Saving Energy
VII. Complete the dialogues, using the correct form of the phrasal verbs in the box
look after take off fill in turn up look up give up run out try on break down keep up turn off see off
1. A: What shall I do with this form? fill it in 2. A: Is Sonia a fast runner? B: Oh, yes. Nobody else can 3. A: Why didn’t you buy a dictionary? B: Just and send it to the address at the top. with her. B: The bookstore has of them. 4. A: Is Kathy going to Australia tomorrow? B: Yes, I’m going to the airport to 5. A: Would you like to go to the movies with us? her B: I’d love to but I have to my youngest sister. 6. A: You’re late again. B: I’m sorry. My car 7. A: Why don’t you on the way here. that dress in the window? B: No. I don’t like its color. 8. A: Have you got Tamara’s phone number? B: No. But if you want to know, you can in the phone book. it 9. A: Hello, Tom. B: Hello, Michelle. Good to see you. Come in and 10. A: You shouldn’t leave the television on all night. B: Sorry, 1 forgot. I usually 11. A: Have you met Jane yet? B: No. I arranged to meet her after work but she didn’t your coat it before going to bed.12. A: So how long is it since you smoking? B: Well, I stopped smoking three years ago.
VIII. Fill in the blank with one suitable preposition or adverb. 1. You look tired. Sit 2. I’m looking 3. Could I try and have a cup of tea. yesterday’s newspaper. Did you throw it these shoes, please? Size nine. 4. Turn the music. It’s too loud! 5. I turned 6. I used to smoke, but I gave it 7. Just go the radio and listened to the six o’clock news. last year. with what you were doing. your litter! Don’t drop it on the street! 8. Pick 9. Don’t worry about the baby. I’ll look 10. I’m looking 11. Who do you take her while you’re out. to meeting her very much. the most, your father or your mother? an old friend in the street this morning. 12. I ran 13. ‘How do you spell this word? ‘I’m not sure. You’d better look it in your dictionary. 14. Look! The car is coming 15. The show was called because of the rain.

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