Saturday, November 14, 2020

Toyota's Rolls-Royce for half the money – the incredible 2018 Century | Top10s

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This is the new Toyota Century. It’s a super-luxurious saloon that takes on the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series. But there’s just one problem… It’s only due to go one sale in Japan. To find out exactly what the rest of us are missing out on – and why Toyota should sell it overseas – I run through the carwow top 10 things you need to know about it.

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  1. I drive a Mahindra (an Indian Automobile manufacturer), which costs me 7.6k USD. yes you read that right, my Mahindra KUV100 Next had my pocket ringing by 7600 USD. It gives me an average of 42.5 Miles per gallon. I have driven it 200 miles straight for a road trip at 62 mph.

    And yet, I'm seeing this for no god damn reason.

  2. Looks elegant, something that most luxury cars lack nowadays… I hate the lace design tho… Seriously the interior could have been better

  3. Wool is chosen as it's quieter, leather makes noise when you move about on it, lambs wool doesn't.

    The curtains are chosen because they don't draw attention. Japanese taxis even often have them. If you're a Japanese monster movie director, , or a member of the Imperial family, or own Bandai, you don't want to flash about your money. Tinted windows, and automated blinds, might suggest you're someone rich, or important, or both. Not curtains though.

    Everything about this car, is designed to be inconspicuous. Yes, it's styled a certain way…..again, deliberately! S Classes, 7 series, Bentleys and Rolls', they are very obvious. Some cars, like the new Lincoln, generation a of Jaguars, certain Volvos, well they do restrained too, but have become very associated with Official-dom, VIP transit, and Livery Service.

    This? No.

    Or at least, the Japanese are polite enough not to assume it of the car.

    That's the whole entire point of this.

    The luxury car for ultra wealthy who want top end luxury car qualities and features, but don't want a car that says they're wealthy, or that it's a high end luxury car inside or out.

    Which seems to be only Japan's wealthy, which is why they're only sold there (though Toyota has invited a very special few foreigners to purchase them in the past, if they think you're worthy).

  4. Not sure why but modern cars seem so bulky, can anyone explain? Older cars even though bigger seemed slimmer


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