• September 24, 2020

Do laptop cooler really fans work? Today i’m reviewing this tecknet laptop cooling pad which i got the same day from Amazon….wanna know if if works? Watch to find out

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do laptop cooling fans really work?
Check the video link for the full Review

TeckNet Gaming Cooling Pad Quiet Laptop and Notebook Cooling Pad With 5 Fans at 1500 RPM and Blue LED Laptop Cooler fits 12″-17″


1. 4 powered fans at 1500 RPM and 1 fan at 1000 RPM to to pull in cool air from the bottom of this laptop cooling pad
2. No mains power connection needed. Full range metal mesh for the air flow
3. Dual USB ports pass-through connector for additional USB device, and skid proof design protects the computer from slipping
4. 2 levels adjustable design to lift and tilt your notebook display and keyboard for increased comfort
5. Metal mesh can support various laptop sizes from 12 up to 17 inches


15.6 inch 5 Fans Laptop Cooling Pad – Black

CoolCold Ice Magic 3 USB Suction Type Game Exhaust Fan Notebook Laptop Cooling for 14 / 15.3 / 15.6 / 17 Inch Laptop


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7 thoughts on “Tecknet 1500 RPM Laptop Cooling Pad With 5 Fans Review

  1. OMG another stupid cooling pad review, u just dont get the point do u? Let me give u pointers. Almost all or all laptops hit the wall of thermal throteling and that is what u should focus on. Temperature of cpu and gpu under load will be mostly the same with fan no fan…. but the speed or freqency of cpu and gpu is the key factor. For rendering does it complete the task faster? For gaming do games have more fps? So, good cooling pad under load should give more performance since cpu and gpu will throtel much less. U need to compare cpu and gpu frequency under load.

  2. wait wait wait, I have a question

    so, what if I open my laptop (bottom panel) and then put it on cooling pad
    will that work, and is it dangerous ?

  3. I have the same laptop, thermaltake makes a vary good 1 large fan laptop cooler due to the size of the fan it moves more air at a slower speed.
    In order to not create heat to run the cooler I plugged it into a ac powered usb strip along with the mouse, keyboard, external m.2 ssd for my data.
    I plugged in a large monitor and turned off the laptop display and the keyboard leds.
    I removed the bottom panel and the hard drive, disconnected the battery. and left the cover and hd in the closet.
    This turns this laptop into a desktop. The leather on the bottom of the case is designed to form a thermal barrier to protect your lap… so it stops the fans from cooling.
    Ps: if someone tries to steel it as soon as they pic it up they will realize it is incomplete and will not sell for much.

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