• September 25, 2020

T1 vs DWG Highlights Mid Season LCK vs LPL 2020 – SKT T1 vs DAMWON Highlights Mid Season Cup 2020

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30 thoughts on “T1 vs DWG Highlights Mid Season Cup 2020 – SKT T1 vs DAMWON Highlights Mid Season Cup LCK VS LPL

  1. Clearly T1 need a real jungler , this Cuzz just causes them to lose. Baron stolen , Drakes stolen , his mommas stolen and he has 0/4 … nice. How can you even lose with Faker in your team ? I would never lose if I was his jungler.

  2. The best of Markman like a Teddy can be use a Revolver to be a Gatling gun, But coach want to see him use scissors. Nice Nice Nice Naisuuuuuu

  3. Idiots t1 2 games in a row using the same draft bot and faker from the best becoming the worst dont even think at worlds haha

  4. is T1 intentionally lost to damwon? T1 should be punished for this.
    its clearly T1 throws the game so damn well..

  5. 16:38 man faker throw the whole game after he gift hope to T1 lmao … looking for plays to catch both of them but end up getting cc chain lmao whole squad wiped by his move

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