Thursday, November 12, 2020

SYM Wolf Classic 150 — Motorcycle Classics

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The small-bore single gets a new lease on life with the new SYM Wolf Classic 150.

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Our motto at Motorcycle Classics is simple: ride ’em, don’t hide ’em. You can browse our video archive or our YouTube channel that shows it’s more than a motto for us: It’s a lifestyle. From multiple project bikes and ride reviews to events coverage and museum tours, our videos explore the ins and outs of the classic motorcycle hobby. (


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  1. Chiec xe nhu the nay ban co the di du lich khap noi roi.toi thay nhung anh tay ba lo chay chiec win tau ma 2 vo chong di tu bac vso nam .no hu doc duong ghe vao tiem sua

  2. It's a good motorcycle. Here is my

  3. I've had one for over two years and I love it. I agree that it is definitely not for the highway. It lacks the power and weight for high speeds. But it sure is fun to ride around town.

  4. I have many small bikes, Hondas, syms, no name Chinese… This is a pretty good bike but be careful as it rusts very badly. Other than that it has little long term problems other than small things like turn signals falling off etc… but overall for the price it's fun. I like the Grom better but it's not quite as fast. But the Grom never breaks and is much more rust resistant..

  5. I disagree with you, sir. I've owned my Wolf for about 1200 miles now, and I take it on the highway all the time! It will make it up to 75 mph on a flat road with little wind, but its much more comfortable at 65. As my daily commuter motorcycle, it excels. I routinely get 80 or 85 miles per gallon riding the throttle wide open. Currently my Wolf has only 3k miles on it. Others have theirs up to 10 or 15k miles with no problems to speak of. It's really a great machine.

  6. I just got one almost a week ago and love it I'm 6'2" 185 lbs with everything on (boots gun ect. ) and I have no problem getting up to 55 mph still breaking in the motor so don't want to go to fast.

  7. This bike sounds dangerous. A brand new Sym costs (in Uk) about £500 more than a used, solid, big 4, 500cc + commuter bike such as a Kawaski er6 that may serve for another 7/8 years without serious malfunction other than brakes, drive, tires and bearing. A commuter/learner bike should at the very least be able to do 60mph comfortably for the safety of the rider and other motorists. Power is not just for going fast, its for getting out of trouble fast. Small bikes are not safe unless they are equal to power of the smallest cars on the road.

  8. Very nice!  I am seriously considering this bike, as well as the Honda 'GROM', or the Piranha 'Flashback CT125'.  All GREAT smaller displacement bikes that are street legal, and a blast to ride!


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