Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Should You Buy an Old VOLVO V70? (Test Drive & Review 2.4 SE Auto)

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I bought an old Volvo V70 with a 2.4 petrol engine. I’m not really sure why, although I do have a little bit of a soft spot for Swedish cars. Let’s take it for a drive and see what its like.

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  1. Hi i bought a Volvo S70 GLT -99 today , and its 21 yr old still running fit. motor is 17k swe miles old and has 170 hk power. , metallic green. Nice car this summer 2020 . Have a nice day

  2. Have a 2006 XC 70 since new, agree with everything you said. It's been very reliable and comfortable and yes it feels like a "Swedish Tractor" in city driving. Must get the timing belt done, thanks for the reminder ! Cheers

  3. I'm getting a v70 standard 2.4 2003 this very Thursday here in Barcelona. I'll let you know after a few miles around. Thank you so much, mate. Gracias!

  4. I had a 02 V70 w black interior and manual gear box, the 140 hp one in silver, I had the car for 9 years!

  5. I bought my 2001 V70, a 2.4 petrol 140HP manual 3 and half years ago. Best car I ever had. Travel 900 mile round trip to a pal in Edinburgh and get 45mpg cruising at just under 70. local driving gives around 30mpg. Very comfortable, relatively quiet. Sometimes pull a 1.4 ton caravan with ease. Not getting rid of it.

  6. Kind of surprised to say I think the V70 is nice looking for a wagon. Given the design, it should look fairly new for quite sometime.

  7. German journal "Auto Bild" says the Volvo V70 is still the car with the best rust prevention. Article date is 16.11.2018.


  8. We got a volvo car ourselves the xc 90,it has some issues like the placement of fuses and some small diff problems but its comfortable, practical and just plain useful,it fits so much stuff, we transported a whole fridge in it with some room to spair. I love the real leather seats the most, but i hate the fact the last owner was from france and the cars computer system is in french but we need it in russian, but again i like the car so does my family, their safety is Nr 1 priority for all cars so its true that the volvo is just a civial tank without a cannon or treds.

  9. Just purchased an 05 V70 2..5 Tubo in extremely nice condition . $3000. was going to flip it fo 5K but i really love the car.

  10. Good video, I've had a pajero 2.5 for the last 9 years its a 1992 and everything is going wrong,so its time to cut your loses and move on.I like the v70 but its the road tax,some are £264 but they go up big time £550 so send me a text and tell me the right year to go for many thanks peter Paterson.

  11. Just bought one for something to carry my doggies and other critters I have. They love it and so do I. ✌🏽💙

  12. Been driving a Volvo xc70 2004 cross-country about 3 years now. Lovely and stable wagon. Always a sweet drive and cynosure wherever I go.

  13. i have a Volvo V70 2.5T sport 2007 the same model as in the video. a lot of power. confort. space. but the first weeks you think!!! im drivin a piece of jelly in the corners. but you get used to it… hahaha

  14. I just bought an XC70 to use with a roof tent while my 1998 Land Rover Discovery 1 is being fully rebuilt from the ground up. I paid €1500 for a 2003. Which is a bit less than the going rate, but certainly not what you paid! Really loving the Volvo though, its not going to be easy to bring myself to sell it when the Disco is ready in about 3 months time.

  15. My friend bought a wrecked 2004 V70 AWD "Ocean Race" for his first car when he was sixteen. It had been in a deer crash. New radiator, windshield, hood, right front fender and and some suspension components and it passed the MOT. It had some running issues because of a bad intake sensor but it didn't get replaced for a year as it was mistaken for something else. His parents drove the car for two years before he got his license. He's had it for five years now and has put 40k miles on it, running at 370k in total. So floaty and soft, but will perform when the pedal gets pressed. Only downside is the fuel consumption which is worse than on my 2.3L turbo Redblock

  16. Interesting – a mechanic I trust rates the V70 is at the bottom of reliability score for mid size luxury cars – in the US if it makes any difference

  17. I have a 2002 V70 T5, best car i ever owned. Fast, nicely understated, good looking, practical, most comfortable seats in the world, good quality. Fuel economy isn't so good, probably because i like hearing the turbo spool up too much. Great review!

  18. sounds like a cheap car for the money, a few years ago I used to laugh when people said V70, but now like you I'm thinking not so bad now all the muppet drivers have switched to beamers

  19. They have had some issues with these in the states with the gearbox, as mechanics here kept trying to fill them up through the wrong port. But Volvos are great vehicles.

  20. Enjoyed the video and review. I agree that people absolutely judge you by your car. It happened to me all the time when I had a certain sports car: everyone assumed bad things about me at first. Easy to say let them think what they want, but when you have no choice but to deal with them or are accountable to them in some way, having to overcome negative initial stereotypes gets annoying. I loved the car, but often wished it was invisible to others. It was bad enough that I would have second thoughts about owning a car like that again.

  21. After watching this video i want to go buy a second hand volvo. My dad had 2 volvos and they were perfect the entire time we owned them.

  22. Volvo make great cars. I had a 940 Estate (with the two rear-facing seats – brilliant for kids or drunks!). Drove it for 13 years and 265,000 trouble-free miles. In all that time, all I replaced was the clutch. Now have a V70 – another good, reliable car. Almost 48,000 miles so far. It may see me out!

  23. Hello guys. Would you recommend it as a first car? I love these kinda cars, and wanna go with something else than a fiesta or corsa, but Im a bit worried due to its size. Cheers


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