• October 1, 2020


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1:20 : Onward
22:43 : Contagion
47:18 : Bad Genius
1:01:50 : Q&A

Alex Recommends the Godfather Trilogy for next episode.

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24 thoughts on “Sardonicast #57: Onward, Contagion, Bad Genius

  1. Mark Hamill is also fantastic as firelord Ozai in the last airbender. It’s different then his usual voice, super evil in a more epic and menacing way.

  2. Creep 2 is actually very different, and I found it much better. It's not really horror, it's more of a character study. Hope Adam sees it one day

  3. I think Matt Damons reaction makes sense, however I wish they gave the viewer the knowledge he has a daughter a bit earlier as it would have made him not being upset make more sense right away

  4. I think this is one of Matt Damon's best performances. His inability to accept that his wife is dead hits so hard.

  5. Onward seems like such a stale, boring premise but even more so because of the setting being "magical but normal".
    Also I thought Disney/Pixar's first gay character was the sauna owner in Frozen 1. Guess I was wrong.

  6. As someone who is from Thailand I can confirm that the editing in most Thai movies is incredibly over the top and silly, and tbh Bad Genius isn't NEARLY as bad as some of the other films I've seen, I almost didn't even notice the exaggerated moments because I'm so used to it being cranked up to 100 in most other movies, I'm really glad Ralph recommended it though, I love hearing how passionate he is about it

  7. Idk if you got this question already, but who are your favorite directors?Also what do you think of Robert Eggers?

  8. holy fuck i forgot all about yak baks until now, i remember the commercial for them now

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