Saturday, November 14, 2020

One Piece Pirate Warriors – PS3 – Roronoa Zoro Vs Mihawk

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Watch the awesome fight between Zoro and Mihawk as it as been faithfully included in ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS.

The first nautical outing for the ONE PIECE series on PS3, ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS will immerse you in the Straw Hat Pirates’ grand voyage, letting you face up to hordes of pirate and Marine enemies and experience all the great moments from the anime right up to Marineford. Faithful to the original ONE PIECE manga by Eiichiro Oda, you will relive your favorite scenes controlling pirates including Luffy, Zorro, Nami, and others, each with their signature moves.

Featuring the best-loved characters and the vast majority of adversaries from the ONE PIECE universe, The story mode will drop players right into the heart of the rich ONE PIECE universe filled with beloved characters, powerful enemies, touching moments and memorable scenes.

ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS Will be available on September 21st on Playstation 3

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  1. as someone who never watched the anime…this is the worst writing EVER. All my friends love this show, this can't represent it…can it??

  2. Yeah.. finally Womega with its best fighting style games, made one of the best Manga to a game 🙂

    Argh.. but why only for PS3???? FAIL!

  3. i hate how that got really lazy with game a couldnt put in the right costumes for every character its boring to just play with zoros enies lobby outfit

  4. i want a digimon game in the same style like those games where you play the story of  the different series and some extra stuff.

  5. Is this fights like pvp fights, or is it more like running around killing pirate enemies then final boss at the end?

  6. Hmmm no blood? the urgency of that scene where zoro is cut by mihawk's sword is kind of gone now… I mean, if I hadn't watched the anime I would've thought he'd hit him with the edge of his blade or something. Wonder how they handle the part with arlong when he removes the bandages…


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