Saturday, November 14, 2020

Nissan Qashqai SUV 2017 in-depth review – Carbuyer

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Nissan Qashqai review:
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The Nissan Qashqai is a pleasing blend of SUV versatility and hatchback convenience, with running costs that wouldn’t disgrace a compact family car. It’s comfortable on motorways and manageable around town, while most versions are well equipped. Once you’re accustomed to the high driving position, it feels quite car-like to drive and the more powerful versions are pretty quick. Safety is impressive, too – although the Qashqai doesn’t have the strongest reliability record.

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  1. Not sure why people hate this car and rate the Kadjar and 3008. Both of those are ugly internally and externally. I mean the only non high spec SUV that come close to Qashqai are the Tucson and HRV and Xc40

  2. I had this car and I can remember the day we was all excited and went to collect was a sunny day I proudly took the keys and set out to make my way home thinkin everybody would look and say wow but hang on what’s that horrid rattling coming from the dash , as we was using it for our holiday next day I thought I’d leave till I got back Back from where who knows as we never made it to our holiday the dam car broke down then after RAC came and got us going the brakes failed Nissan couldn’t help or find problem and where happy to let us drive it until brakes failed again their line was we will have it in for two weeks and try and find the problem which we found out meant the rep salesman will use it to go home in and use for himself not a mechanic but a salesman it truly was the worst car I’ve ever had even the sensors stopped working along with the battery please don’t buy

  3. Lots of negative comments here… I'm curious, how many have actually been to a dealership for a test drive? I went for a test drive today (automatic petrol) and I found it amazing! Way better than the Kadjar (too much cheap plastic) …. the Qashqai is robust and the doors are more heavy of you compare to the Kadjar… Just a thought 🙂 you really need to test drive to really understand..

  4. Had the previous qashqai. Now onto the new Peugeot 3008 which I waited to come out before deciding what to get. Easy decision. Peugeot 3008 superior quality and fantastic all round car. Think it will win this generation of crossover.

  5. Ok, so me and my little family went to Nissan dealership to see this car in person. I really loved the way it looks and it's higher ground clearance. I sat in the car and just couldn't get comfortable. It's such a strange seating position. It feels like I'm sitting on the car instead of in it. Gear lever is strangely positioned and my arm kept hitting central arm rest. I'm very average in height at 181 cm. How do you people find a comfy driving position in this thing? I'm deciding between Qashqai and Mazda 3. Yeah, 2 different things but I wanted to expand a bit. Mazda fits like a glove.

  6. if I'm. wrong sorry mat Watson of car wow but your grubby attempt at being smooth charming is not fooling me I wouldn't by a car with your highly questionable advice my personal opinion

  7. Nothing wrong with the interior, before the make over. Is the best he can do review how large a bottle can fit in the door????
    This is a excellent value for money car

  8. How is it a funny name? Just because it doesn't sound 'English'? It's a Japanese car after all, so they can insert a name more familiar to them for a change?!

  9. I never carry water or crisps in my car,what a load of crap.I'm thinking where can I put my blow up doll !!. lol.

  10. Honestly, as a 2014 Gen owner (made in 2016) I don't see so many changes. Facelift would describe it better. Dashboard etc. looks 100% the same. Few minor design changes inside (seats as the biggest). For instance since now ventilation for the rear passenders, same middle box and also the navigation etc. appears to be the same.
    Maybe they offer now more driving assistiance systems (adaptive speed limiter is a big miss!). For the rest, well, I am not unhappy to have a 2016 version 🙂

  11. why do they all keep on producing 4 people cars with scientific "futuristic" looks and asking for fortune? are ppl so dull to get excited about the electronics and " emission"?

  12. I have a late 2015 (65) plate tekna xtronic….this car is a lemon, I've had 4 new sat nav and a drivers seat ( that clicked like it was loose every corner or braking ) in only 21 months and 12 visits to the dealer ……what a disappointment for a near 30k car….never get another one even if you paid me! Crap build quality


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