Thursday, November 12, 2020

Night King Death – End Scene Full | Brightened 3 Stops

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Arya Stark Kills Night King (with Jon’s Help). Night King Death End Scene Brightened 3 Stops, so we can see. Also annotations on how Jon Helped!

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  1. I guess this video has regained traction due to everyone being stuck at home. First, stay home and healthy! Second, to anyone wondering about the sound, as far as I can tell, something went bad with the YouTube compression because the export out of my video editor was fine…

  2. Wow because of how badly this was written, i forgot how masterful the Music Scoring was! Touch down one of the best!

  3. How did Arya get past all those thousands of wights and white walkers!? This episode and season 8 as a whole is pathetic..Just ruined GOT forever..

  4. This was badass that last moment before she flys through the air and the only thing there is is silence. Gave me goosebumps but it was awesome

  5. I can explain why D&D did this. They wanted the Star Wars job, and asked themselves “what would Rian Johnson do?”

    The answer: throw in meaningless twists and discard built-up plotlines for the sake of “subversion”, therefore creating surprise in a “creative” and “thematically fitting” manner.

    Or: hurr durr surprise means good writing haha

  6. This should have been the end game this was more intense than who gets the throne fk the throne. They should have just done this whole thing somewhere in Westeros or sth and then kill Cercei in the midst of it not this ending

  7. 4:23 im like the night king should be thinking : " i know the three eyed raven can see the future and past why has he not done anything? why has he not moved? Why is he even still in this castle… UNLESS… !!!

  8. This end to the Night King's storyline killed the show then and there. Everything after this was last rites!

  9. The worst ending in the history of all endings. This season was like a bad break up, I’m still not over it!

  10. Idk why everyone bitched about this episode being too dark. It was supposed to be dark and ominous. It was perfect on my tv.

  11. What a waste D & D destroyed the show. Season 8 sucked and you could not the most important fight of the show. D & D should never make anymore shows or movies.

  12. The ending was so bad I just can't bring myself to watch GOT. Did they ever take that feeling into account? If you were not going to finish this the right way they should have given the ending over to someone to do it right. It was so out of character for Dany's to do what she did.

  13. This final season was a disappointment. This scene could have be done much better. The Knight king died to easily. This was just a cheap way to close the storyline.

  14. I've always wondered why arya was immune to the night kings instant death touch. Its because plot reasons…


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