Friday, November 13, 2020


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So in love with Daniel Wellington NEW Collection, Yes this Classic Petite and Classic Cuff rose gold, as you can see on my video it is so luxury, elegance, cool, light weight, so easy to adjust the strap, and you can mix it with any outfit, soooo cool,,

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite 32 mm
MELROSE – Rose Gold
Available silver and black series Classic Petite too

I want to have it this new collection, and i will give you a Voucher Code, only using IRNAXDW and you will get 15% off , and free shipping off course! YEAY! (save more than Rp 450,000)

So, tunggu apa lagi, what are you waiting for,, Be tweenies with Kendall Jenner and rock it!



Thank yo for watching! ^^




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  1. This watch was made for $5 in a sweatshop in China. Got that kind of money you could get Swiss made Tissot with sapphire crystal and 100m water resistance. There’s a sucker born every minute indeed 😂😂

  2. Clearly you have not done a single research. Daniel Wellington is a rip-off. Better alternative like Tissot is 100x better built that that.

  3. Hey, I love your video. I just had a question, I want to buy the same watch as you however I’m not sure which dial to get. I’m tan/brown so do you think the white dial would suit better on my skin colour or the black one? Ps just subbed

  4. you all write that dw has terrible quality, please can you give me a tip for some functional watches?

  5. D.w is Niec watch and good barnd
    Plz contact to me and original watch avlbal
    Shoppers stop Ahmadabad
    Aalfa Moll
    Vastrpuor laek

  6. DW owns its success to its social media based aggressive Marketing strategies. They send any blogger with a certain amount of followers free watches to create attention and give buyers the feeling to be part of a club of young hipsters. The quality is ridiculous though🤣

  7. Hi, this is probably out of topic, but I like your leather backpack from the last part of the video. Whats the brand name and where did you buy it of it so I may find one? Thank you

  8. Daniel Wellington watches have terrible quality, they have a cheap bad quartz machine and movement, and the watches are just made in China. DW was founded in 2011, to fool the people who don't understand about watch. Just buy a Seiko, they have great stories and also some great inventions. They invent the quartz technology and they have a massive built quality. For me, it's all about quality.

  9. Y'all need to stop wasting your money on these cheaply made shitters from China!
    If y'all really want a Bauhaus style watch at a budget price range, get a Tissot swissmatic Everytime. At less you get a high quality product from a watch company that's been doing watch making since the mid-1800s, the swissmatic has an automatic mechanical movement, has a sweeping second hand, and a date complication. Unlike the DW shitter running a cheap quartz movement, no seconds hand, and no date.

  10. Daniel Wellington is cheap Chinese watch and you were fooled by their marketing. Overprice junk targets people that don't know anything about watches. DW is crap compared to well respected watch companies with long history such as Seiko, Hamilton, Timex, Citizen, Orient, or hell even CASIO watches are way better.

    Better to do research before buying anything, really. Don't take it personally, just honest opinion.


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