Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Minecraft Crossbow vs Bow – Which is Better?

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In this video I compare the new Minecraft crossbow to the Minecraft bow. Which is better in terms of craftibility, durability, power, enchantments? Watch the video to find out!

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  1. fun fact… entities that take damage, can not be damaged again for a short period of time. There for multishot will not actually damage an entity 3 times… The "Arrows" that look like they are hitting the creepers in this video are actually bouncing off of the creepers. That is why you see arrows BEHIND him on the ground when he is clearly shoot forwards and not behind… Rip

  2. crossbows are better they have piercing (the arrows pass mobs so you can get it like infinity if you can get the arrow back) and you can have piercing and mending on it also quick charge makes the crossbow faster to recharge and the multishot makes it easier to actually get the mob only thing is that cross bows are more expensive

  3. WRONG!!! If you combine multiple stars in a firework rocket with 8 crossbows in your inventory all with quick charge and multishot you got 8 rocket launchers 18 dmg each slower amunnition BUT higher effect range

  4. I like crossbow better, durability doesn’t matter cause I can just mount mending on it and it’s pretty much unbreakable, the fire works is cool and it can shoot faster and longer, crossbow wins for me

  5. The multishot enchantment is not to deal extra damage to one mob! It’s to hit multiple mobs at once! So there is no issue ok. So that makes it 3-3 (tie)

  6. I had a parrot named Pete but he died by flying into the ground so I turned his feather to a arrow I use for my bow

  7. The only reason the crossbow it's useful it's because it's a literal machine gun, get a full inventory of them and you are a war machine

  8. I’m just saying that you left out a few key points, you can have multiple crossbows and fire shots back to back as long as they are loaded, additionally a cross bow allows for free movement once loaded and you can even selling in fire while a bow can leave you vulnerable at times

  9. if u use enchants to get the crossbow to lvl 5 it fires so much faster than a simpaltin bow user would ever imagine

  10. 13:12 have a fire work with TONS of gun powder and TONS of dye and stuff with a crossbow with multishot, basically I can reach 3 block thick bunker and get the guy on other side, neeeeeeeeeeeaaat

  11. The one thing the bow can't do is to get a certain acheivment… also personal preference still the bow, feels more sturdy and trusty, easier to aim and feels more powerful

  12. Something i thought og was if u go with 9 armed multishot crosbows with instant damage arowws on the ender dragon and the ender dragon when it hoes down to the portal and u quick switch and fire all the arows dies IT die?


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