• September 9, 2020

Love, Simon: Top 10 Differences Between the Book & Movie // Subscribe:

This movie adaptation was pretty loyal to the book, but there are some differences! For this list, we’re looking at all the ways in which the film adaptation differs from its source material, “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda”. The book’s author has said that it’s faithful to her original story, but we’ll be itemizing both major and minor differences. Because we’ll be delving deep into the story, there will definitely be spoilers!

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22 thoughts on “Love, Simon: Top 10 Differences Between the Book & Movie

  1. I adored this book and movie so much! It was so refreshing to finally see a teen movie entirely focused on an LGBT romance, and not simply as a side story, which is common in this genre!😊💟🌈

  2. I despise the movie. The book is the best book on this planet, and bram is my baby and i will cherish him forever. BUT THE MOVIE JUST CHANGED TOO MUCH.

  3. Where's Albert? Why does Leah have two parents?
    Also, we NEED a Leah on the Offbeat sequel or even an Upside of Unrequited spin-off

  4. I love how nobody who has read the book has read the sequel so nobody knows (including the person who made this video by the sounds of it 😂) that Leah and Abby actually end up together by the end of the 2nd book!

  5. I only hope the new series from Disney Plus Includes all details from the book, I loved the movie but I loved the book more

  6. Isn't Nora suppose to be a freshman? Why hasn't his sister played a big part and where is his older sister? Wasn't Nora the one who told him that the secret got out not leah? And the screenshots were never posted.

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