Sunday, November 15, 2020

Love, Simon: Book vs. Movie

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Comparing Love, Simon to the book it’s based on, Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, is like talking about two very different stories. They absolutely share certain plot points, but how they get there isn’t the same. Let’s discuss both the book and the movie!

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  1. I loved the book! I honestly couldn't even make it through the whole film. I didn't really like how they teased Blue as Bram from the beginning of the film. I thought this worked soooo much better in the text. I also loved the repetitive "gay in the South" motifs that were omnipresent throughout Simon's internal dialogue. from the text.. That was awesome social commentary and was necessary– despite his family's acceptance, the general southern culture is less likely to. Additionally, Simon was a much more realistic teen in the novel. As Bram said, he speaks the way he writes. I think we're really missing that personality with the film Simon. In all, I really liked your analysis here! I just preferred the text over the film!

  2. I feel like, people who are gay, and went through similar experiences as Simon might think the book is great compared to, how you feel it to be just good. But that's more of a readers' perspective than on the author

  3. Im a bit late to the party here as ive only now come across your video. Agree that I found the book much more satisfying than the movie. I thought the Principal in the movie was too cartoonish and unnecessarily creepy, I didn't like the big reveal in the movie, I thought the book handled it better (why must Hollywood movies always end with everyone clapping something??).One of the big differences I didn't like, and don't get me wrong I thought Nick Robinson did a brilliant job, was the physical characteristic differences of Simon. In the book he is 5ft7 with glasses, in the movie he is 6ft1 with perfect hair! Changed the whole dynamic of the character for me. They will both hold special places for me though. My first "love" was a guy at school, and while we had a fling it didn't end as happily as this story. It took me back there tho and all the feelings expressed were spot on.

  4. I thought the casting on the movie was great and the actors all did a good job in their roles. I disliked many of the changes, but probably most of all the way it forced Bram's coming out to be so public. In the book it was quiet and private. It just doesn't feel consistent with Bram's personality to be okay with the public gesture.

    What I really liked about the book was that the tension was subtext. High school isn't really about the hallway confrontations and lunchroom antics. Being that age makes you feel like you're on a stage (a la the play!) and everyone is noticing anything you do that's different or out of character for who they thought you were. People aren't usually paying attention to you, but that's how you feel. I'm cishet, so I can only imagine that is amplified if you feel like you don't yet want people to know your sexuality or some other facet of who you are. I liked that the tension for Simon was about quietly trying to see who could be Blue without showing too much of his own hand. He wanted to do just enough to keep Martin off his back, but not overtly help him (like in the movie). Simon was trying to eat his cake and have it too (like Alice tells him at the end of the book), but throughout the book he grows to realize that sometimes he has to take a risk.

  5. I liked the movie a lot. I am glad they deleted the gay bar scene as it made the movie flow better – especially given they didn't go down the giving of the T-shirt route.

    Given how comfortable Simon is with himself, I think this is more a 'coming of age' movie rather than a 'coming out' one. I think that is what I like. Simon just becomes more comfortable in who he is and through the help of Blue is better able to articulate it to his sister, his parents, his friends…. I also love how the movie ends – providing a hollywood ending to a gay teen couple. But I do agree, the book's ending of having to make ground rules regarding sex with your parents is a more real ending ( that is, if you have understanding parents).

  6. Omg I wish the movie were EXACTLY the same as the book cuz omg I’m in love with the book and have read it twice in two days, and I’ve watched the movie 7 times. But in the movie he’s less sexual than in the book, personally I didn’t like the part of the book when it talks about blue imagines Simon fantasizing about sex. I don’t like that but the rest of it is PERFECT

  7. That probably sounds stupid but when you said 'my name's Kyle' I literally through my phone on my bed and blurted out "of course your name is Kyle" and I seriously have no reason for this. I wasn't thinking about what your name could be and also know no one by the name. I'm so confused to why I did it, but one thing's for sure, the name fits you perfectly 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  8. Thank you for this thoughtful video. Unrelated to the content, I really like how clearly you express your opinions and the calm sound of your voice, if I may say so 🙂
    I don't really like pitting books and their movie adaptations against each other, I think it's more helful to see them as seperate entities, while of course one can still compare them. Not to say that you did any of that, just my overall opinion, because so many people just hate movie apadtations all together. Anyway.
    I personally 'liked' that there wasn't so much drama in the book, in regards to Simons future coming out. There are so many books where it's a huge scary deal when the person comes out, I loved that here it was more about the love story itself and the realtionships and how they changed or didn't change. Maybe it's a bit romantizised, but LGBT people deserve happy love stories too and that is what I felt reading the book.
    That's also why I didn't like the added drama in the movie. I felt it was a disservice to the characters, that Simon was lying to his friends to set Abby up with Martin etc. Which for me felt a little more understandable how he handled it in the book. But overall I think this was a beautiful movie 🙂

  9. I completely understand your "critic" on Simon being the perfect American guy everyone loves without any real flaws-
    but I must say that him being all that AND gay, makes this book (and film) so special and appealing
    I, as a gay YA, have waited for a story with such a happy ending for so long, I really needed someone like Simon to tell me "you are not flawed and troubled because of your sexuality, you can even have a happy love story like I do and everyone will still love you"

    Ps. Thanks for your video, really interesting to hear your thoughts!

    Pss. The gay bar scene is part of the deleted scenes collection 😉

  10. I'm in love with both the book and the movie. It came out June 15th in my country and I watched it with my girlfriend and it was amazing. My only problem with the book was just a translation issue, since I read it in Swedish, they translated 'gay' to the Swedish equivalent of 'fag' which annoyed me. Although I understand it a bit because we don't really have a word for gay but still, most people just say gay either way.

  11. You mention that Simon knowing everyone would be okay with him coming out and him being a good student, having friends, etc, in my opinion helps to normalize a gay teen romantic comedy type movie. I think it was a great way of going about the plot

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  13. I really love your Book vs Movie series! You make some really great points. I should really do something like this for my channel! Did you know that there is a sequel coming out to this book? It comes out next week (???) and it is about one of his female friends and her bisexuality.


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