Thursday, November 12, 2020

Love Simon Book Vs. Movie Review!

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I got to go see Love, Simon recently and loved it! I also read the book Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, so today I have a Book vs. Movie review for you! I hope you enjoy this Love Simon Book vs. Movie Review.

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  1. I was disappointed that the Elliot Smith shirt thing was left out of the movie, it was so cute in the book!! Also I wonder why they changed Simon's email address in the movie.

  2. Hi, ive got a question. There is like this book called Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda, which is different from the movie. But then there is also the book called love simon. Is this book exactly the same as the movie or is it still different?

  3. I agree, the movie is definitely good.
    But there are so many things they did that annoyed me.
    For example there is martin, in the books he was just a cute innocent and pretty dumb kid who didn't understood the consequences of his actions. His actions were based on emotions like love anger and revenge which helped me relate to him and understand his actions and even after he outed Simon I still liked him.
    In the movie they made it look like he outed Simon because he wanted people to talk about someone else and Simon was the easy option which makes you feel he is just an ass not a relatable character.
    My second problem was Leah, Leah in the books weren't an important character but she still had some sort of story line in the movie it felt like they just took the actress from 13 reasons why made up an completely different character and called her leah.
    But my biggest problem is that it feels like the creators of the movie didn't decide to make the movie because of the complete story, it feels like they decided to make this movie because of it's success and the gay romance it has.
    I know some people won't agree but I'll explain : in the book every character has it's own story and conflicts most of them weren't even related to simon, so there aren't even one character that ended up in the exact same place.
    But in the movie they deleted every story line that weren't directly related to Simon's coming out, which destroyed the feeling that Simon's is a normal kid and made the movie incomplete.

  4. I'm more of a movie person but the book was so much better (Don't watch the movie first trust me you'll regret it)

  5. Thank you for posting this !
    I have the most supporting family and I’m not flamboyant just me. . And my friends and family love me just being me.
    I’m really happy Simon in the movie is very reliable to me.

  6. I also really thought nick did a great job portraying a gay character. People are just looking for thing to hate on.

  7. About the leah situation about liking nick. In the movie in her coming out as straight scene she says “im in love with nick”. So i fell like they kind of did it but they took a more dramatic turn.

  8. BOTH THE MOVIE AND THE BOOK IS AMAZING!!! Though I think Leah liked Simon in the book as well. Technically she didn't exactly say she liked Nick. In the Sequel, which will be coming out soon called 'Leah on the Offbeat', I read a little sneak peek of it and Leah mentioned she had a secret crush on him since Middle School so I think in both the movie and the book Leah liked Simon.

  9. I loved what happens with Martin & Abbie in the movie, it adds a whole other funny scene for a movie! Great discussion 👍🏻

  10. I finally got to see this movie yesterday and I loved it!!! I loved how it wasn't a carbon copy of the book but it still had the same heart and main feeling to it. Like I'm not even bitter that they changed so many things because they all worked so well with the movie format and the end product. And I totally agree with both of the points that you raised at the end, I get really annoyed when people say that a story like this isn't representative of a certain scenario because there is no way that this one movie can be perfect representation for every queer person out there. Like would it be awesome to have a gay love story following boys that aren't very masculine? of course. but that has nothing to do with the fact that there are boys like Simon out there that deserve to be represented just as much. It just bothers me when people try to make something problematic when it really isn't.

  11. I plan on seeing it soon (i don't care about spoilers) and i have to say i COMPLETELY disagree with the criticism of the movie. I think there's way too many LGBT characters in movies who are complete stereotypes and i find it quite annoying, since it doesn't represent the diversity of LGBT people. I'm gay and i'm not a really feminine guy, people generally don't guess that i'm gay unless i tell them. And since people in general still have a lot of stereotypes about gay people in mind, having such an important gay movie showing a "normal" gay character is VERY essential in my opinion.

    That's all i had to say, sorry for the long post 🙂

    We always have such similar thoughts with things!! And my experience with reading the book then seeing the movie was almost identical to yours- I refused to so much as watch a trailer until I read the book, but I procrastinated until literally the day before I saw the movie hahaha. I thought both book/movie gave the same positive and good feeling vibes and for that reason alone I thought it was a great adaption. You mentioned all the major changes that stuck out to me, but now that I look at them overall- I would say that it seems the changes made things that happened in the book more public and in the school's eye like with the ferris wheel scene. That change and the change with Leah did irk me a bit- what if Bram wanted to come but wasn't ready to come out to everyone awkwardly watching? I didn't think that was the best thing he could have done BUT it makes for a great movie moment and hearing the audience cheer and I can't deny I will watch it repeatedly when I get it on dvd hahaha
    okay that is the end of my essay lol I just really enjoy being in the spirit of this book and movie right now!


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