Wednesday, November 11, 2020


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Of Fire and Stars:

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda:

More Happy Than Not:

History Is All You Left Me:

Queens of Geek:

The Girls:

Not Otherwise Specified:

How To Make A Wish:

If I Was Your Girl:
(Forgot to mention there is also an outing scene in this book!)

Tash Hearts Tolstoy:

Every Heart A Doorway:

The Melody of You and Me:
Check out my review:

Seven Ways We Lie:

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  1. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell is also a great lgbtq+ book featuring a main characters who, I don’t think every says his sexuality, but it has a boyxboy relationship. I absolutely loved Carry On!! 1 million percent must read!

  2. Another recommendation I personally have is Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. It doesn't have much have a plot, but that's the point. The writing leans on a poetic side, but not only does it represent LGBT, it represents mental health and self love, as shown by the main character. Personally, I give it a 5/5

  3. I highly recommend Carry On, All For The Game (the series, even tho it all happens in the last book, it’s worth it) Red White and Royal Blue and The Rules of Ever After. Honestly idk why people don’t talk about RWaRB it’s so good definitely read it!!!!

  4. When u mentioned Adam Silvera I actually screamed into my pillow because THIS MAN DOES NOT GET ENOUGH MENTION and I am soooo happy u did I automatically subscribed liked and saved in my emotional outburst.

  5. My recommendation is Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
    It’s the first lgbtq+ book I’ve read and I loved it
    One thing I love a lot about it is that it’s not only about his (ari the main character) sexuality but also just about him navigating through life
    And ari struggling to understand his family and wanting to know more about his brother
    I’m writing this while I’m very tired so it’s probably not sounding that great but I highly recommend it

    Carry on
    By Rainbow Rowell
    + the sequel
    Wayward son

    Amazing! A bit like Harry Potter in the way with magic and creatures and schools for the magic. But the main character , (who is possibly bi but the sexuality is undiscussed) falls in love with his nemesis/ roommate. And it has a great variety of character races as well and is over all an amazing book.

  7. K… so… I'm trying to focus on the video but like, OMG I SEE THE FANGIRL BOOK IN THE SHELF ON TYE RIGHT!!!!!!

  8. Another great book is the letter q. It talks about the struggles of being LGBTQ+ and how you can overcome bad people. So on so forth. I think every lgbtq+ person should read it because of the issues it discusses. Lgbtq+ authors write letters to their younger selves talking about how yes it is hard to be who you are in a place that doesn't accept that. It is a tear jerking book that even makes the coldest of hearts cry. I do recommend. -the bi girl

  9. I'm so angry that I'm just discovering you. Loved this video and totally will be reading these books! I recommend to you, "Almost Perfect" by Brian Katcher. It will break your heart but it's a lovely story.

  10. An amazing book that i read is "Anger is a Gift" by Mark Oshiro. This book had me BAWLING, and I'm not usually a crier. Its about a gay boy named Moss and his falls in love with a boy named Javier(i think that's his name, i read it a while ago) and they start dating. The kids in moss's school start boycotting it, which causes the police to have to come to the school. The effect? Javier dies, and this forces moss and all of the other characters to get justice for javier. The story is absolutely beautiful and includes topics like mental illnesses, police brutality, LGBT rep, disabled rep, racism, and more. i highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this book:)

  11. a really amazing, emotional, just all around wonderful wlw read is the truth about keeping secrets by savannah brown!!



    oh the rebel of the sands trilogy has a gender fluid person + (supposed) pan/bi person relationship which is awesome. i believe that’s in the second book of the trilogy. they’re a small part but the descriptions of their relationship is cute af

    i mean they both die in the end which i hated but i loved them both so much


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