• September 25, 2020

In this video you will learn how to fix Windows 10 issues with sleep mode.
Basically there 6 ways you can try to fix sleep mode issues:

1. Change powercfg setting

Go to your command line by running it in administrator mode. Than write
powercfg /h off
hit enter.

This should turn off hibernate mode which might cause issue with sleep mode. In case it will not help you might want to go back and switch it back on.

powercfg /h on

2. Update your system drivers

Go to Windows – Settings – Update & Security – Check for updates
and if Windows finds any updates than install it. Majority of the problems in Windows 10 and sleep mode are connected to incorrect or old device drivers.

3. Check your device manager
Control Panel – System – DeviceManager

Check if you have any exclamation marks next to device name. If you do than this is an issue with that device driver. Make sure you reinstall / update the driver to make exclamation mark disappear.

4. Intel management driver 9.5

Control Panel – System – DeviceManager – System Devices – Intel management engine

Check what is your driver version. If it is older than 9.5 you might want to check if 9.5 help to fix your problem.

5. System Power Setting

Click Start and search for Power Options.
Click Change plan settings next to power plan that is selected.
Click advanced power settings.
Expand “Hard disk” and under “Turn off hard disk after” make sure that it’s set to Never.
Expand Sleep and make sure “Allow hybrid sleep” is Off

6. Export energy setting

You can do it by opening command line as administrator and write
powercfg -energy -output c:logLOG.html
this will examine your power settings problems and export it to log file. Once you’ve done that yo need to go through errors your ave in the file and try to fix them.

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29 thoughts on “How to fix windows 10 sleep mode problem

  1. Thanks, brother it helped me. My computer windows 10 keyboard and mouse won't work from the sleep mode, now it is working I followed the instruction which is "powercfg /h off. It is working now.

  2. duud what is windows 10 sleep mode problem u should explain first now i dont even know if im trying to fix the problem cuz i dont know if its the same thing

  3. I couldn't complete the first item. I was given "Unable to perform operation. An unexpected error (ox65b) has occured: function failed during execution."

  4. Sir, I have a problem in my windows 10 after update my laptop won't sleep when i click on sleep then it wake up after 2-3 sec and in power option only Balanced (recommended) option shows another two options are missing….can you plz suggest me how to solve this problem…

  5. Thanks for this GoodReset!! I had this problem for a long time and couldnt figure out what it was, I did all your fixes but it turned out to be a device driver in Device manager that needed to be updated, it took a long time to download the latest driver for the intel graphics programme, but once this was done as if by magic my "sleep" tab reappeared in the start button!! thanks alot from a total computer DUNCE in England!!!

  6. So I can set my desktop to sleep after 30 mins works fine and set the power button to sleep perfect.
    But when I click start-power-sleep it does nothing Anyone have any clue as to why?

  7. My disk will turn off for for 5 minutes that is normal but that disk will turn on in 2-5minutes :/ will this fix my problem?

  8. Sir   I have been able to do it with your help   I tried several option from various experts  No one was able to solve it.  You helped to solve it.    Thank you  an salute you sir

  9. just upgrade laptop graphics drivers and it's solve accurately mr it works like a charm…..sleep mode back again….

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