Friday, November 13, 2020

How Titanic Broke In Half BRIGHTENED

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After many comments stating they couldn’t see anything, I brightened the footage. No I cannot re-render to make it brighter, the computer is dedicated to another project at this time.

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  1. None of us were there so we will never know the exact what and how. One thing I do know is there are no "rules" to anything.

  2. I tried to watch your video but I just couldn't hear your voice over that deep drone that you chose to use as background "music". You obviously aren't that skilled at making videos. Whatever background music is used in a video should NEVER be more than half the volume of the narration. That's a basic rule of videography.

  3. Its boilers imploded, the weight of 70,000 tons of the bow, pulled it down and between the air pressure, the weight, boilers imploding, she blew apart and sailed her carcus to the bottom finishing her maiden voyage. This we know, it sank and natural forces of physics destroyed it. The biggest failure…. Captain Smith.

  4. 14:22 Man, I didn't know that the force of the initial failure was able to push the entire ship straight up on the vertical axis about 30 feet or so.

  5. Bruh I can't believe you didn't mention how the night Titanic sank Physics took the night off and the Bow rose back up out of the water during the break up.

  6. This video has a pretty good point, I personaly think the stern broke at around the D deck area (same theory, but lower deck) when the stern was barely out of water

  7. The women survivors who were there always said the ship broke in two. All the learned men on land came up with a thousand reasons to mansplain why they were supposedly wrong. Hope there is justice in Heaven.

  8. Interesting to read that somebody alleged to have heard Bruce Ismay telling Captain Smith he wanted to be in New York a day early. A combination of power, arrogance and stupidity compounded by out of date lifeboat requirements.

  9. Peoples fascination with the sinking of titanic will go on for centurys to come..everyones imagination puts them back into 1912 and on board wondering what it couldve been like going thru the horrors of tht nite..exactly for the same reasons peoples fascination with jack the ripper 24 yrs earlier still hasnt subsided.

  10. Imagine an air pocket in the ship with someone trapped inside surviving the Titanic's fall to the bottom of the ocean who's story we'll never know about.

  11. I was looking for your channel I was like I remember watching this guys channel a few months ago about Cool Titanic videos and now I found you again

  12. Makes sense that survivors assumed a top-down break in front of the third funnel because the stern settled back and they couldn't see anything in front of the third funnel.

  13. This is awesome, but the turn direction of the stern is incorrect. Based on the skid marks on the seafloor, the stern turned the other direction, sliding as it impacted the floor, resulting in one side of the siding to go slightly under the ship and the other side to flair out from the ship like a skirt.

  14. The reason this can't work is that if the ship had split into multiple sections of the stern, you'd see these sections and their debre scattered far, far away from one another on the sea floor as you do with the bow an stern. The only examples that fit this criteria are the two sections of double bottom and the forward funnel section, all three of which can be explained by other means which I will get to now. First, I do admit you're right about the welding of the double bottom due to compression stresses, but they simply did not fall down after the split as you mentioned, they are designed to be strong and just because the middle of the two buckled, doesn't mean the ends did, resulting in it staying attached to the stern until it was flung off by hydrodynamic flow, or the stern's implosion, which brings me to my next point, the stern's implosion. The only section of superstructure we see sent off into the debre field is, as mentioned before, the forward funnel section as Roy labels it, but this is the only one, meaning if all of Roy's sections fell off the ship this way, they'd all be scattered like the forward funnel section is, but they aren't. It is much easier to explain the forward funnel section's anomalous placement as a result of the stern's internal implosion which would have loosened the superstructure's already weak connection, severing from the rest of the ship. Also didn't survivors say that they saw a clean break right in front of the third funnel? If this theory is true, how would this be explained?

    Internal implosions can also explain why we see the stern so destroyed at the bottom of the ocean, seeing as so much air was trapped within it. This explanation makes much more sense than multiple break points.

    The only part of Roy's theory I agree with is that the breakup started at the hull, welding the double bottom pieces, which in turn allowed it to act as an almost hinge piece for the bow and stern once the ship fully separated. Those are all my thoughts and if you have any questions just ask me.

  15. I know my opinion doesn’t mean anything, I believe the top of the superstructure began to buckle with the list, causing more stress on the keel causing a really quick break flat to down to the double bottom. Steel isn’t leather, there must be a force. If you think about it the keel went through more stress than the superstructure, but if we think about the weight of the stern on the now buckling superstructure which is getting pulled down with also the force of sheer. Now, I am no historian, and I am no scientist, and I am probably wrong, but with the photos and videos of what I’ve seen, it’s definitely something to queer about..?


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