• September 13, 2020


“Brightest Day” is a 2010 crossover storyline published by DC Comics, consisting of a year-long comic book maxi-series that began in April 2010, and a number of tie-in books.

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34 thoughts on “Green Lantern Brightest Day: Full Story

  1. You uploaded “full” videos so that you could make money off the same content twice… it had little to do with helping us “catch” up. I’m happy you make money for the great content you put out, no need to shy away from your motives…

  2. Shout out to the apotheosis of all incels, who corrupted the very aspect of the emotion Love because he was too creepily obsessed with m'lady waifu to understand true love! Lol

  3. Kissing Carol Ferris, especially wearing her Star Sapphire uniform, would cause me to feel great love as well.
    Come to think of it, in real life, if it were a real thing, I would probably be sought out and recruited by a Star Sapphire ring… but I don't think that I would be comfortable wearing all that violet and I don't have the body confidence to wear something as form fitting and revealing😆.
    Pink is something I enjoy eating , not utilizing as a part of my wardrobe.

    Think the Guardian's Zamaronian counterparts would mind if I were to tell the ring to increase in diameter by a few inches …and not wear it…on my… finger? 😏
    Cause I'm not exaggerating by saying it would be in no danger of coming loose like, 90% of the time im awake lol
    Im an absolute superconductor for the chaotically Bisexual violet energy of love. Mwahahahahahaha

    Dr. Isely, Dr. Quinzell & myself would live hazily ever after. I'll make sure of that… 😁

  4. Love your work bro, but I'd change one thing… The amount of re-explaining the entities is quite redundant. By the end of the video I don't need to have how they work explained for a 12th time

  5. Rob your references are always on point but that "rko out of nowhere" was friggin awesome. You sir are the man

  6. Me I want to see a new character that has paradox of lantern corpse rings green blue and red at once

  7. Am I the only one who finds it a tad bit cringey the entity of love is called the “predator”. Feels a little rapey imo lmao

  8. Yeah one thing about the Predator he used to show up every so often back during the early Hal Jordan Green Lantern stories after Carol Ferris first became a Star Sapphire.

  9. I love these full stories. What happened to War of the Green Lanterns? You mention that it is next, yet it is nowhere to be found.

  10. Dr Manhattan didn't create the universe. That hand thing has been a part of DC and is linked to 'The Creator' more or less, either representing God, or the creators of the comics outside of the comics universe. It isn't tied to anyone in the DC universe. AFAIK that's never been retconned.

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