• September 26, 2020

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Green Lantern Brightest Day – Complete Story | Comicstorian


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35 thoughts on “Green Lantern Brightest Day – Complete Story | Comicstorian

  1. I'm pretty certain that the orange light also is controlling considering what happens to larfleze when it is removed

  2. So really in the last brightest day issue the white lantern core gives life to deadman I think is what he is called gives him a chance at life and when he dies the white core is like nope sorry your gonna be spirit so basically the white lantern spirit is an asshole?

  3. 12:20 she looks like the actress that plays black lightning's wife… or girlfriend I cant remember.

  4. "I'm not here to fight." He says after destroying two highly expensive aircraft, endangering both their lives.

  5. 2:15 "Hal Jourdan and Carol Ferris are celibrating that they save the universe!"
    Really? Wouldn't this just be like a tuesday to these people? LOL

  6. Can you do a video about all Lanterns that have been in other corps

    So basically people who have been in more than one Corp please

    Like if you agree

  7. I don't see how it's brainwashing. These people lack compassion, it's what makes them evil. Adding compassion to said person would stop them from being evil. The ring just gives them what normal people already have.

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