• September 24, 2020

✔️ Knowledge is POWER! Master ARCHERY in Minecraft!

■ Everything You Need To Know About TIPPED ARROWS:

■ Everything You Need To Know About MINECRAFT:

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23 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About BOWS & ARROWS In Minecraft!

  1. Me: Hey here is some physics for you Cubey
    Cubey: What?
    Me: Why do arrows last if they touch lava in minecraft but not in real life? That makes no sense

  2. It’s worth mention it that if you shoot a chorus plant’s fruit it will drop, that’s how you start a farm

  3. I know the answer of that trivia question

    Strays can drop bows and arrows as well as arrow of slowness

  4. Ever since crossbow were added well boss are just behind u can have a fully drawn crossbow stay loaded but boss in draw after heading another slot

  5. I'm just saying but I started playing Minecraft today and I hit a spider inside a crowd of dogs while I was turning and my crosshair was there for less than half a second.

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