• June 13, 2020

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22 thoughts on “Dota 2 Mods | THE REAL ONE PUNCH MAN!! | Baumi plays Angel Arena Black Star

  1. When I'm looking for idle videos to just watch and do other stuff I'm not gonna lie, 90% of the time it's Baumi playing farming simulator one punch man – it's just nice.

  2. Who knows what that female character was called? The one with the somewhat "reincarnation" as long as there is mana and lowers max health per death? Kinda like Chara from Undertale i think

  3. 4:48–4:56 saitama = "after he had his training and went to the Hero academy" crack me up baumi too good

  4. funny how he was mad about his limiter stacks when it practically does nothing anymore since he oneshots everyone and his health is too much that any damage won't even make a dent on the bar.
    Also it's completely black

  5. didn't seem like teh cooldown reduction did anything in your passives.. i don't think it stacks with the octarine.. i mean.. i was looking at your cooldowns.. and they have been 80 second cooldowns ever since you got octarine, and after you got hte cdr, they were still 80 seconds.. just saying :S

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