Thursday, November 12, 2020

Dell Inspiron 7567 Review – $800 GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop!

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Dave2D review of the Inspiron 7567 with GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 TI. Is this the best gaming laptop to buy under $800?!
Magnetic Hourglass –
Inspiron 7000 –

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  1. Just gonna say, IK this came out 3 years ago but the hinge is incredible. I open mine about 10 times a day with school and home use, and it's stronger than my brothers brand new acer.

  2. Dell Inspiron 15 7559 (i7/8GB/4gb GTX 960M/4K)

    compare please as

    Dell Inspiron 7657, 7th/ i5/ GTX1050 4Gb, 8 GB

    for gaming gta v ,farcry 5 , pubg pc version , or new games for best fps in ultra or hd

  3. Dell Inspiron 15 7559 (i7/8GB/4gb GTX 960M/4K)

    compare please as

    Dell Inspiron 7657, 7th/ i5/ GTX1050 4Gb, 8 GB

    for gaming gta v ,farcry 5 , pubg pc version , or new games for best fps in ultra or hd

  4. Hi Dave its amazing how im about to buy this laptop to replace my acer aspire 5 with an mx150 and a i5 8250U, and I still go look for one of your videos for the best review out there. Thanks!! Take in account these relaxing intros in your future videosssss

  5. I bought this laptop, with gtx1050ti graphics card, on 24feb2017, for USD846.17, excluding tax. Until today it's still running well except for increased temperature due to dust. Playing games like CSGO or even the new free modern warfare warzone it's still works like a charm
    . I'm in love with it.

  6. That’s the exact one I have I also have a Mac too plus the gaming laptop that’s right there got it from
    Dell for 800$ 8gb

  7. Yo llevo con esta laptop ya casi 3 años. Lo compre para arquitectura, ya actualmente lo conecte con un monitor externo para tener dos pantalla y la verdad me funciona como una Pc de escritorio. Para juegos la verdad me va bien, todos a 60 FPS excepto en algun juego triple A que tengo que bajar algunos ajustes graficos.👍👍

  8. Hey Dave, loved this review. Just a question – I have this laptop (4gb 1050ti) but am having an issue with it not saving the display over 100hz for the 144hz monitor I just bought (AOC CQ32G1 32) does the 1050ti card in this laptop not support 144hz monitors?

  9. do not get this laptop. take my advice, ive had this for two years now and im working my butt off at 15 years old to get a $3000 computer because this laptop is so incapable of going over 200 frames looking at a white floor at 1% 3D resolution and all low graphics.

  10. That's the laptop I had it was stolen out of my truck somebody smashed my side window in and grabbed it now I can't play my wild or nothing it's just stupid I lost a lot of pictures all kinds of stuff all my downloads my wow World of Warcraft game oh well right sucks

  11. who would want to put up with that dismal display. You have said many times that the display is one of the most important aspects of these laptops, something that is in your face all the time. So why do you not come down harder on this display. It is awful

  12. i have this laptop and after 2 years it works well the only game i have trouble running was the witcher but excellent product

  13. 100+ fps on high graphics on overwatch and games like that???? i got 40-60 fps on rainbow six siege on the lowest settings and often it goes under 40 and over 60 …. my old laptop that costs like 200 dollars can run it on 40-50 fps stable on medium settings … i got Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 i7 7700HQ and 1050 Ti should i get a refund?

    EDIT: here is the link the website is in czech but you can use google translate


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