Sunday, November 15, 2020

Cancer Bats – Brightest Days (Official Video)

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Cancer Bats – Brightest Day (Official Video)
Stream/Download ‘The Spark That Moves’ here:

Filmed, Directed, and Edited by the youth of Ndinawe

A little about Ndinawe
Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre has approximately 50 participants’ visit the drop-in centre a day. The drop-in centre youth are welcomed at the door and are able to recognize employment and housing resources upon arrival as well as scheduled programming for that day. The drop-in centre is open Monday-Thursday from 3:00 – 11:00PM and on Friday – Monday twenty four hours. Youth can utilize laundry facilities, television, phone services, games, and computers. As well as planned activities, special events, counseling support and resources. The program mentors are available to assist youth in pursuing their interests by locating applications, equipment usage, transportation, workshops and referrals. A large component of the drop-in centre involves outings that include recreational activities, movies and camping trips. There are also special dinners and dances planned throughout the year. All the youth that participate in programs or just come to hang out, have access to a number of services whether it being a hot plate of food or a safe ride home. The drop-in centre is a safe and healthy environment that will continue to acknowledge youth and provide resourceful assistance.

New Album out now! – THE SPARK THAT MOVES

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  1. My old neighborhood! Used to live on Manitoba and get smokes at bargains all the time. Good to see someone supporting the youth there!

  2. Personally I would like to see this with drum music pow wow if you know what i mean, otherwise awesome! Our youth need an outlet and what better than creative. Now lets see them dance, traditional, fancy dancing!

  3. glad the boys from cancer bats were not filming that at night in north end Winnipeg cause them white boys would be no more

  4. This song (..and album in its fucking entirety), will be the cause of many blown speakers I predict. Banger after banger


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