• September 30, 2020

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Brightest Day – The Complete Story | Comicstorian


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27 thoughts on “Brightest Day – The Complete Story | Comicstorian

  1. So was Hank Hall supposed to die to revive Swamp Thing? Jeez, maybe instead of "catch" the Entity should've said "shield Dove from the boomerang".

  2. I'm starting to REALLY hate The Entity, right now! He's the most sadistic character, since The Joker!

    It's always the so-called "pure" beings that are the most cruel!

  3. the deathly tranquillity of oblivion or the living embodiment of dickishness….

    well it is not hard to chose if you ask me

  4. I felt extremely emotional on this one. We see DeadMan like we've never seen him before. Honestly I felt glad he got with Dove. They make a beautiful couple. But we all knew Deadman would stay dead, that's how it's usually is in DC Comics. I was also hugely relief when Mera got with Arthur now that he's alive again and we see how loyal of a wife and husband they are. Unfortunately they're the only ones with a happy ending, so I'm somewhat content that Mera got happy again since we saw her suffer in Darkest Day.

    But I also can't help but feel angry at the writers. They where brought back to life to only die later? WTF?

    DeadMan is like the good version of John Constantine. But I can't believe how the Writers f*cked with us lol. You got him back with his gramps, a good girl, his life.. Dam. DeadMan being alive again brought so much potential but it got wasted.

  5. Guys I seriously recommend you read this Comic online. This is mainly about Dead Man and recalling the events of Mera from the previous arc. But they don't show it on this video for some reason.

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