Tuesday, November 10, 2020

BMW R1200GS Adventure Review

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BMW R1200GS adventure review / BMW R 1200 GS adventure 2019 review

Visordown’s tested the BMW R1200GS adventure .The R 1200 GS bike remains an amazing all-round motorcycle and one of the best in the market – Capable of long touring, on and off-road riding.

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  1. I Love GSs, I hate the cost factor, they have raised the initial cost intentionally by so much that most of us cant afford to own it unless you get ripped off x2 by the shop/finance with their PPI plans on top were you dont own the bike nor can you tour on it as you get about 4k miles a year with those plans!! What a CON, hey CONstable. Servicing? Brake a light bulb…£300, those special nuts, bolts, Orings, and tools will also set you back, £1500 for services in your first 6k miles if you use the bike as intended factor that in, the financing and insurance has f'KD us left right and centre. Also, Terrible review Visor Down, for most of the video you shown a completely different bike (Non Adv), much lighter, nimble, smaller tank, more capable off road GS, especially with someone who is trained, give Jimi Hendrix a shit guitar and he'd make it sound good, dont get me wrong Ive had 5 but all second hand, there's no mention of vario plastic luggage vs hard vs soft in the review?? Suspension upgrade? can you rebuild the stock shocks?? What about recalls and failures?? what about the riding suit and lid? There's £1800 If you want, you could travel half way round the world for the cost of your gear and panniers alone! Lol You could rent a bike in every country and do the RTW trip for less, or buy an 1150gsa, better made, chip it, upgrade it, and have £14k left over and you can fix it yourself without a computer whilst your actually on an adventure instead of dreaming about it looking like a twat outside of Asda in your twat suit, and that little planned obsolescence built in oooh you gotta love that, talk about electronics, firmware, software, you do not want that failing in the jungle or outside some sketchy place, everything is planned to brake within a period, are you going to have a wheely option next in the software? You even have to pay to have different software put in? Are BMW going to charge for wind reduction button next? The 1250 is all the bike you need, but that's not on review here either, this is the older model that keeps braking, £20k thats mortgage deposits money, major renovations, start your own business, or about 5 decent different bikes to play with incl a garage to rent and a ferry ticket a abroad, where is your pricing VisorDown?? £18k for r1200gsa? You can get a 1250 for £15k! You can't give the r1200GS ADV away!!!
    We all need to stay away from the direction of software, firmware updates, TFT displays, think engine, wheels, smell of two stroke burning fuel, think value in ability, spend your cash on advanced rider training and become a better rider, own and service your bike, get to know and love it, forget about owning a plastic computer they're all planned to break eventually, think why they stopped making the 1150s, people have 500k miles on them today, no need for a new bike! Think everybody has got greedywithin the industry, oooh yep greedy greedy guts, sorry for the rant but if the review wasn't out of date it wouldn't of sparked it.

    NICE BIKE, ,,
    NICE BIKE, ,,
    NICE BIKE, ,,
    THEN GOOD, ,,
    IT'S INDIA, ,,


    NICE BIKE, ,,
    NICE BIKE, ,,
    NICE BIKE, ,,
    THEN GOOD, ,,
    IT'S INDIA, ,,


  4. I came from an old R1100 RT and where I live in Va, the roads were brutal to her. I bottomed her out and event bent a rim once. So when I was ready, I went for the R1200 GS Adventure, and she can handle the potholes, cobblestone, and rough railroad crossings no problem.

  5. GS is actually more comfortable for taller riders than n K1600 due to the added leg room. Still apt review since there are masses still trading hands second hand, and those are far more likely to see dirt action than the new sale 1250 versions. Added protection are easy to find so no issue there either. The Rallye version featured is also very sought after even after the launch of the 1250 and commands a premium price on the second hand market.

    Must admit though, even though good looking, not nearly as sexy as your curly hair presenter.

  6. I took my GSA off roading around the Alpes with some rocky parts and I am always amazed what such a big bike like this is capable of, and me too by the way. I dropped it a few times but with the adequate protections you don't have to worry at all. Actually, I love taking it off road 🙂

  7. Been riding an '06 GSA since 2009 and a '14 GSA since last April, great bikes for commuting, nice and high to see far ahead, decent mpg, big enough for a bit of shopping, excellent protection from the elements, not too much buffeting, comfy seats, great for pillions. And if you fit a nice exhaust can they sound like Spitfires!

  8. Misleading review indespersed with some nonsense spoken. You talk about the new 1200 gs te, then show and older 1200 gs te then a 1200 gsa. The new bikes are all 1250 shift cam so this vid wad obviously showing 2018 details.

    K1600 more comfortable than the gsa for road touring? Complete nonsense. I've ridden both. The gsa has more legroom and is the defacto ultimate long distance tourer with genuine off road capabilities. The limiting factor is the rider not the bike. I've owned dozens of bikes over the years and the gsa is by far the best tourer, a good off road tool and holds its own against sports bikes on the road at sane speeds. Handling is superb. For the record the gsa has a tank range of closer to 320 miles with a little in reserve and not 250 miles as stated. Average fuel consumption is about 45mpg…30 litres…do the maths. The gs te has a smaller tank and tank range.

  9. Bizarre video
    Loads of BMW Motorrad footage of a stock GS from about 2013 interspersed with what looks like GSA footage from your vid of about 2 years ago.
    And 17k on bikes over a lifetime – what are you buying, Chinese scooters every 2 years?!

  10. I've seen a lot of great things done with the GSs on off pavement situations. The caveat is those riders are pro type riders who could make a Goldwing look good off pavement too. An average rider taking this bike by themselves in a truly off road not off pavement situation in my view is about as likely to bend it as a brand new rider has taking a BMW 1000RR to a track day.

    I see in advertising and reviewing of the GS on it's off road prowess is a problem for me. It's not whether the bike is capable but whether the rider is and that should be emphasized.

  11. Too expensive , too heavy, way expensive to service , parts are expensive , far too much electronics ….its not my cup of tea 🙂


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