Thursday, November 12, 2020

5 Best Classical Guitars for Beginners 2017

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What is the best classical guitar for beginners? We take a closer look at a few instruments in the $140 – $300 range from two of our favorite brands, Yamaha and Cordoba! Let’s go over the value, construction, and tonality of each to see which is best fit for those just starting in classical guitar.

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1. (2:28) Yamaha C40II →
2. (5:44) Yamaha CGS104AII →
3. (7:47) Cordoba C1 →
4. (11:35) Yamaha CG122MCH →
5. (15:06) Cordoba C5 →

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  1. I watch one your videos about various guitars. And I wanna learn how to play guitar… Therefore, is epiphone masterbilt dr400mce considered a beginner's instrument?

  2. I've been a classical player for many years and I've also taught classical for quite a few. To me, the Cordoba is ok, but I think Yamaha makes a better instrument, regardless of price point. It amazes me the level of sound quality a laminated top Yamaha produces. But when you you move up to the solid top models, I think this is where the Yamaha begins to distance itself from the Cordoba. I own a CG-170CA that I picked up used, probably sold new for around $500-600. This is a simply wonderful sounding instrument with a very Spanish sound quality.

  3. Horrible right hand technique and dull uncolorful playing. Maybe get someone who can actually play the guitar to demonstrate these

  4. I just got a brandy-new Córdoba C3M ($200 street price) and absolutely love it! SOLID cedar top, truss rod and beautiful matte finish! If like me, you are not into the glossy look, you should check this one out.

  5. So there is a vintage Aria AC-15 "concert" for sale locally. Would that be a higher quality guitar than the ones here?

  6. I heard „Packa Delusia“, but you probably mean Paco de Lucía, the accent crucially lying on the „i“, gracias.

  7. You can also buy a used guitar for 25% to 50% of the new price. So many people give up trying to learn the guitar that there are always tons of classical guitars on the used market. Check out Ebay, Shopgoodwill and your local Craigslist.

  8. yamaha are shit spannish guitars are the best. Oh yamaha have been making them for years
    but how about spannish guitar makers i am laughing my ass off.

  9. I have a Yammie CG171SF. Technically a flamenco guitar? Same as the others reviewed here. Cheap and good. I’ve been playing this cheapo over other more expensive guitars for years. …I think about ten years actually but can’t be certain. Now that I’m thinking of it, I’m not even sure where some of my other guitars are at right now. …hmmm.

  10. I have more expensive guitars however my friend gave me a yamaha apx 500 and it sounds amazing and stays in tune

  11. The Thomann Classic S 4/4 ("S" = all solid wood, and "4/4" denoting full size) should be on the list. It is built in Europe, has solid spruce top with solid maple back/sides and uses no tropical hardwoods (eg; poses no problems with import/export). It is made by Hora SA in Romania. The cost? Currently about 120USD / EUR108 + shipping. It's a great option for student-grade guitar. And, unlike a guitar built with laminates ('plywood'), it will improve it's sound over time — a guitar built with laminates never does. If you're handy with setup, upgrades/enhancements, you can make it sound like a much, much more expensive guitar something approaching concert-quality sound/tone.


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