• June 13, 2020

新型ホンダ CB400 スーパーフォア 2020年モデル
価格ホンダ新型 CB400 スーパーフォア 2020年モデル
ホンダCB400 スーパーフォア 2020年モデル
2020 ホンダ CB400 Super Four
Honda CB400 2020
2020 Honda CB400
2020 Honda CB400 SUPER FOUR
Honda CB400 SUPER FOUR 2020
Review Honda CB400 SUPER FOUR 2020
Review 2020 Honda CB400 SUPER FOUR
2020 Honda CB400 Review
New Honda CB400 2020 Review
2020 New Honda CB400 Review
Harga Honda CB400 SUPER FOUR 2020
Price 2020 Honda CB400 SUPER FOUR
Specifications 2020 Honda CB400 SUPER FOUR
Spesifikasi dan Fitur Honda CB400 SUPER FOUR 2020


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29 thoughts on “2020 HONDA CB400 SUPER FOUR – Honda CB400 Super Four 2020 – ホンダCB400 スーパーフォア 2020年モデル

  1. I only like it becuase it's a small displacement inline 4 engine, other than that its total crap. Looks like it came straight out of an Indian movie.

  2. A mate had the Supersport 400/4 and it was a gorgeous model.
    In July of 2019, another mate was selling his SuperFour and I had my eye on it for my son, for when he passes his test ( Still hasnt ) and in the end, I thought sod it, its such a nice bike, I will get it.

    Small issue is that the exhaust was painted and I never knew just how much rust was under the paint and only 200 miles later the paint has come off and the holes have started to appear… Its an old "N" Reg so its done its time I suppose, but its more money on a bike that is essentially my winter hack.

    But boy, its fun to ride.

    Im used to bigger V-Twins and I have not had such a small bike, but I tell you one thing,,, It is by far, one of the most fun bikes I have had for many years.

    My fazer hardly got used while I had this, nor did my Trike… This was where the giggles were!

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