Friday, November 13, 2020

2018 Honda CB1000R Review | First Ride

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We go for a quick test ride aboard Honda’s re-vamped CB1000R motorcycle. What was originally designed as a streetfighter has morphed into a Neo Sports motorcycle that’s designed to offer styling cues of an old bike with the modern technology and high-end performance of a modern motorcycle. For now watch our review and read the written report on

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  1. Studied this bike for a year and had to have one. No, it's not the baddest bike on the block, but it's the  prettiest.  145 HP is plenty if you don't spend time at the track. Besides the best looks, it's got plenty of torque in any gear. Even in 6th gear at 25 mph, smooth & strong acceleration. Got a choice of power options, but in Standard mode it's plenty fast. I absolutely love this bike, even after owning a VFR1200F. 467 pounds is more fun than 600 pounds, and the CB will hang with the VFR up to 80 MPH.

  2. These are so misunderstood. I feel it's a Japanese Ducati, Monster. Handles great at 8/10ths, comfortable and definitely fast enough to wreck B-roads, which is where this thing will live when not being ridden to work. Looks amazing too, which given how reliable it will be makes it almost a no-brainer if you're looking for a do-all super naked.

  3. I really like the intentions these bikes were built for! It's not for stunt ride only! They're just for ride and have fun!

  4. I just started riding, have a 250cc bike. I’m loving riding and already dreaming of my next bike. Don’t know how long it will take until I’m ready for 1000cc, but when I am, I want this Honda

  5. Are there any "noticeable" vibrations. Plz some who owns the bike reply really interested in buying one.

  6. Love your reviews Adam. Its alway my litmus test for what to try or purchase next. Always honest and professional

  7. Anyone notice the 1965 Mustang hubcap affixed to the chain sprocket?…no, I thought not…The styling departments have really gone off the deep-end. I read Motorcyclist magazine incessantly likely before many of you were born, of course all of the writers have moved on. Even had my "Readers respond" letter published in the magazine, the response was about the then-new Honda Pacific Coast…I wrote about the Honda PC (appropriate moniker)…something about trying to create the worlds largest scooter…
    Since this styling nonsense is picking up steam & infecting seemingly all makes, I should get my #1 choice, the Ducati Desmosedici rr, sometime soon.

  8. You could have 10, 20, 100 different riders, and all will give you a different option. I have this bike, and I’ve put 2300km on it, and it’s a good bike.
    Every bike video, repeats the same analysis on any bike you like, they talk like they are on the pro GP Circuit 🤮
    With this bike for me, the seat hurt my arse for quite some time, but now I’m used to it, as for power, it’s fucking awesome, for everyday Rossi riders like me 😂 and braking and looks, brakes are excellent, and the bike looks like it came back from the future, at a best mans wedding. So that’s my opinion of this bike, and as an owner of one. So out of a 10 star 🌟 rating, 10 being the best, I give this bike a 9 star ⭐️

  9. Great video. Would it this be a good beginner motorcycle ? I am currently riding a royal Enfield classic 350cc bullet. Weights around 436lbs

  10. My wife and I test rode a 2019 version last weekend. We both loved it. Would be great to have 2 of these in the garage.

  11. I really like the look of this bike and the direction Honda went with this. I’m an older guy (46) and appreciate the round headlight and simpler styling of old without it actually looking like an old bike.

    Dream bike though is MV Augusta RVS #1 or Similar Dragster and Brutale. Just would never buy those due to initial cost and maintenance so appreciate when Japan can get close in styling!

  12. Tells you the bike is comfortable and fits well for his size and proceeds that by telling us his actual height!!! 👏👏👍


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