• September 24, 2020

Just as the luster was wearing off the previous generation, the second-generation Jaguar XF comes along and dramatically improves everything we liked about the old car, fixes what needed fixing, and even offers up a few surprises.

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43 thoughts on “2017 Jaguar XF – Review and Road Test

  1. Awful car, i hate this car interior and exterior you can feel cheap stuff all over the car.
    E class so much better tbh

  2. Yea I like my 2010 model better. The overall look was more British. And the interior build quality looks better. The new model is quite nice though. The all black dash is easy on the eyes 👀

  3. Reliable or not it's one of the meanest looking cars ever made… but the interior and infotainment is trash

  4. Hell no! If I was gona spend $80,000 on this Jaguar XF I would rather Buy the Alfa Romeo Cuadrifolio l and spend a couple more thousands..

  5. What a dull, boring, and cheap-looking interior! Especially compared to its sexy and gorgeous exterior. No, thanks, but not going to consider it until Jag has a REAL interior designer.

  6. Why does Jaguar not sell in Belgium? This sedan is price competitive with Mercedes and BMW and still you won't see it in our streets. Personally I think it is the British heritage of the past that lingers in our minds. The Jag is beautiful and well equipped. We also see very few F-pace Jaguars and again all the same profile. I also think Jaguar should aim at corporate fleet and leasing market to get their beautiful products fully introduced.

  7. I don't get why they send out these tester cars that are the top spec sport models that your not gonna see on the road, rarely see in the dealer inventory. I wanna see a review of a regular X F that people are actually gonna buy. Why is that so hard

  8. Looks more luxurious &way more classy in a traditional premium trim, Jaguar can do such beautiful wood and leather rather than the vader blacked out style. & such lo pro tyres; probably thumpy on rough roads, easy to scuff. It d still do donuts with an inch or 2, smaller rims, some rubbers with side wall… id feel like i looked like a drug dealer in midlife crisis in that car as it is, Luke's fathermobile. Can you still get a leaping cat hood ornament? Im afraid to find the answer.. wonder if they considered making the door handles smooth and flush, would make sense with them being body coloured and such a taut look to the styling. Yeah something about the doors looks kinda dated actually for a brand new premium car. Hunh..

  9. I made the mistake of buying a brand new 2009 XF. It wanted to be a nice car, but it had so many problems Jaguar bought it back. So, yay Jaguar for excellent customer service!!!

  10. I'm not racist at all…I speak facts. Indian owned hotels, cars etc just plain suck. But I love jaguar like no other, but it's so unreliable

  11. Am I the only one that thinks the outside of the car looks amazing, but the dash board looks dull and and too flat?

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